"L’Esprit des Lieux" ("The Spirit of Places")

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Photographers Annabelle Matter and Alexis Gérard have travelled the world over to find iconic or less well-known sites from the Napoleonic epic, and to immortalise them. The exhibition, entitled "L'Esprit des Lieux" will display their work from 8th October to 2nd November 2021, in the reception hall of the Fontainebleau Municipal Theatre.

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About the exhibition

This exhibition is based on the book "L'Esprit des lieux" (The Spirit of Places), by photographers Annabelle Matter and Alexis Gerard, who travelled the world in the footsteps of the Emperor. They visited every major site - famous and less famous - of the Napoleonic epic.

A hundred photographs will be displayed, retracing his lifetime: from the birth of Bonaparte in Corsica, to becoming First Consul before being crowned Emperor in 1804, to the great campaigns of Egypt, Italy and Russia, to his exile, from the conquests of the Empire to the fall of the monarch with an extraordinary destiny.

This exclusive collection of images is the result of several years of travel, from Moscow to the South Atlantic, taking us on a tour of the Emperor's residences, showing us the great civil achievements, the monuments and buildings, and giving us an extraordinary view on the current sites of the Pont d'Arcole and the battles of Berezina, Austerlitz and Waterloo in 2020. Every one of these sites is inhabited by the spirit of Napoleon.