Historical reconstitution, Exhibition

Events in Montereau

Détail de la statue de Napoléon Ier à Montereau-Fault-Yonne
The town of Montereau is getting festive from morning till evening with a number of events for young and old.


Commemorations in Montereau will take place in the town centre, where a parade of Napoleonic military troops will be held on the bridges of Montereau, and in the Parc des Noues.

Recreating bivouacs, events, craft market, children's workshops, exhibition, lecture, shows... A great number of events are on the agenda as part of the commemorations of the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon.


10 am-7 pm | Recreation of a Napoleonic bivouac, a civil village with Napoleonic animations in the Parc des Noues:

  • Horsemen training under the Empire with "course des têtes" (a type of mounted competition),
  • Pistol shooting,
  • Horsemen-to-horsemen and horsemen-to-infantrymen skirmishes,
  • Craft market.

Children’s entertainment with various workshops:

  • Recreating Napoleon's hat and sculpting workshop;
  • Crafting small Napoleonic soldiers out of clay;
  • Shooting stand and wooden games;
  • Educational farm and pony ride;
  • Initiation to drumming and juggling, along with a fire-breathing show;
  • Discovering the old period market through a treasure hunt;
  • Short sketches of the battle of Montereau;
  • Children’s entertainment with books about Napoleon.

3 pm | Parade of troops on the bridges of Montereau around the statue of Napoleon.

7 pm to 11 pm | Catering on site with period gastronomic dishes.

9 pm | Dance show under the Empire.

11 pm | Live "sound, light & video" show retracing Napoleon’s life and the imperial epic.